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Project "StickerFriends"

Updates - March 2008

You can now see the project at www.sticker-friends.com . I decided that the project will be in French only at this moment. Maybe later i will add the possibility to have English members.

The project

The idea of this project came to me after making trades on website, visiting forums and receiving list by e-mail. Personaly, i think that website are the best way to trade to complete our collections. But i know that it's not everybody who have time and tools to do it. So, here are the big line of my project :

This kind of project requiered times and ressources. I hope being able to offer a simple and effective tool to everyone who wants to put their list online.

As I make this project by pastime, I do not give any official date of release, because sometimes I miss time to work on the community.

Your comments are welcome.

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